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Tilgate Park and Nature Centre

Tilgate Park and Nature Centre is run by Crawley Borough Council and has a variety of animals including many exotic, rare and endangered species; conservation is at the forefront of the attraction’s ethos.

The centre participates in international breeding programmes with a number of animals including bald ibis, Asian short-clawed otters and Utila’s spiny-tailed iguana. It has also been involved in the re-introduction of Fen raft spiders in the UK.

Entry to the park is free and it is just £2.50 per adult for entry into the nature centre; there is ample parking on site for coaches. The park also has several other attractions, including a Go Ape, craft centre, maze and beautiful walled gardens, and is set in 200 acres of stunning park and woodland, with three lakes.



Wildlife you might see at Tilgate Park and Nature Centre


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