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Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre

01929 462537

Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre

Monkey World, the internationally-acclaimed ape rescue centre, is home to over 250 rescued and endangered monkeys and apes. Opened in 1987 to provide abused Spanish beach chimpanzees with a permanent home, 30 years on the site is now a sanctuary for primates from all over the world including the largest group of chimps outside Africa. Many have been neglected, kept in unnatural conditions, or experienced unbelievable cruelty. At Monkey World, they can all enjoy the company of their own kind in a safe and natural environment, and some are now part of international breeding programmes for endangered species.

For almost 20 years, Monkey World and its inhabitants have been the subject of documentaries on TV’s ‘Monkey Business’ and ‘Monkey Life’.  From rescue to rehabilitation, the programs are a true to life soap opera following the lives of the monkeys and apes.  So visit the park to see some of the stars for yourself!

Combining fun with conservation and animal education, half-hourly talks by the dedicated Primate Care Staff explain all about man’s closest living relative. They love to share their knowledge of all the individuals in their care, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions when the talk is over.

The park also includes a Woodland Walk, several play areas for children including the south’s largest adventure playground, so once the children have seen the primates, they can “monkey around” in the Great Ape Play area to let off steam.  There are three main catering outlets that offer a range of hot and cold food, snacks, drinks and confectionery, or visitors are welcome to bring their own packed lunch and enjoy the beautiful Dorset countryside in one of the park’s many outdoor picnic areas.

You can support Monkey World in continuing their rescue and rehabilitation work by taking part in the Adopt a Primate Scheme. Adopting a primate is a great gift, for yourself or loved ones! Prices start from £25 for the year and include a photograph, certificate, three newsletters and free entry to the park for a year. Clothing, mugs and prints of your chosen primate are great supplements to the adoption, and can be found on the online gift shop.

Thelma and Kuki © Monkey World

Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre

Monkey World is open every day (except Christmas Day) from 10am to 5pm (10am to 6pm during July and August) and last entry is one hour before closing.

Visit for more information, or call 01929 462537.



Monkey World Campaigns
  • Monkey World are currently campaigning against the LEGAL UK pet trade. Current legislation means that 85 species of monkey can be kept as pet without needing a license or register- and with no checks, they can be bought and sold as easily as goldfish.
  • The UK pet trade has been the longest ongoing problem facing the centre, and while the centre has succeeded in working with many governments around the world to protect primates, our own government is failing to acknowledge a change in the law is necessary. Despite handing in a petition of over 114000 in 2016, the government insist current laws are doing their job. Monkey World has rescued over 100 monkeys from the UK pet trade, with over 50 of these in the last 5 years. These monkeys arrive with a host of psychological, social and physical problems
  • The park is asking all its visitors to help them #STAMPitout- Stop the Trade & Abuse of Monkeys as Pets. Letters can be found at the park and there are photo opportunities with the logo so visitors can get a selfie and support a good cause.
What’s On at Monkey World
Have a spook-tacular time this Halloween!

Charlie and Pumpkin © Monkey World

The kids’ activity centre is open throughout the half-term holiday with spooky sand art, creepy crafts and a terrifying trail to keep the little ones entertained. Make sure you visit the spider monkeys, who prove that not all spiders are scary! To top it off, on October 31st, kids in full Halloween fancy dress get into Monkey World for FREE! with prizes for the best dressed.


Find Fennel at Monkey World!

Something spooky is happening at Monkey World this October half term… Everywhere you go, there seems to be a pair of eyes watching you! Pictures of ring-tailed lemur Fennel have popped up all around the park – see if you can spot her eyes peering out at you! Get the Find Fennel trail  in your activity pack for just £2 at the park entrance from 20th– 28th October and find out what goes bump in the dark at spook stations around the park, discover creatures of the night and colour in your own loris mask!

Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre
Longthorns, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6HH
Telephone: 01929 462537
Facebook: Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre 
Twitter: @MWApeRescue

Wildlife you might see at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre

Bornean Orangutan

A species of orangutan native to the island of Borneo. Highly intelligent, they display advanced tool use and distinct cultural…

Sumatran Orangutan

One of the two species of orangutans, the other being the Bornean orangutan. Found only on the island of Sumatra,…

Siamang Gibbon

It is a tailless, black-furred gibbon native to the forests of Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra. Distinctive for the two digits…

Ring-tailed Lemur

Endemic to the island of Madagascar and highly recognised for its long, black and white ringed tail. Despite being the…

Squirrel Monkey

Distinct for their white eyes and black mouths, most live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Many…

Spider Monkey

New World Monkeys, found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. It has disproportionately long limbs and prehensile…


Great ape with large ears, mainly black coloration, and lighter skin on the face, native to the forests of west…

Woolley Monkey

There are 3 groups of woolly monkeys (Lagothrix ssp.) at Monkey World, totalling 18 individuals, that are run by the dominant males…

Patas Monkey

Mica is a female patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas).  Mica (pronounced “Meetza” arrived at Monkey World on 01/09/11 and it is estimated…

Capuchin Monkey

There are 79 capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) at Monkey World.  Most came from a Chilean laboratory in 2008 but several were rescued…

Cotton Top Tamarin

Uncas, the cotton-top tamarin, and his mate, Alice were confiscated from the UK pet trade as they did not have…

Stump Tailed Macaque

There are 10 stump-tailed macaques (Macca arctoides) at Monkey World,  who came from two different British laboratories.  The first group we rescued…

Family and group offers at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre


Groups of 10 or more benefit from discounted rates, coach parking and free hot drink for the driver.

The 65 acre site is easily accessible for all, with mobility scooters available to hire and a range of sensory statues, wheelchair swings and printed keeper talks to ensure everyone can enjoy Monkey World. Please call 01929 462537 for further information.

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