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Celebrate International Red Panda Day at Drayton Manor

International Red Panda Day is celebrated on Saturday 16th September this year and to mark the occasion Drayton Manor Park Zoo in Staffordshire will be hosting a special event.

Visit the zoo this weekend and learn all about red pandas while raising money for The Red Panda Network, a charity whose fundraising efforts work towards the conservation of the species in the wild.

A whole host of activities will be on offer throughout the day, including red panda talks and feeds, giveaways, quizzes and red panda face painting sessions. Not forgetting the chance to visit resident red panda pair Tika and Pema, who arrived at the zoo earlier this year.

As small as a fox, red pandas have a bear like body with thick auburn fur, black bellies and limbs, with white marking to the side of the head. Also known as the ‘original panda’, having been discovered fifty years before their black and white cousin the giant panda, red pandas are very skilful and acrobatic animals, making them a joy to watch in the trees.

The red panda is native to the Eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, but is now listed as endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. It is estimated there may be as few as 2500 red pandas left in the wild, making conservation increasingly important.

All proceeds raised from activities at the zoo on Saturday 16th September will be donated directly to The Red Panda Network.

To find out more about Drayton Manor Park Zoo, and to book tickets, visit the website

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