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Claws launches in Brighton

SEA Life Brighton launches its newest installation, Claws, on 22nd April.

The display welcomes a host of new shell-dwelling creatures including two statuesque Japanese spider crabs. The largest of the crabs, which were previously housed at Sea Life Helsinki, has a leg span of 1.3 metres and can grow to the size of a car.

Visitors will also come face to face with the peacock mantis shrimp, one of the most brightly coloured animals in the world. Its pretty exterior belies that fact that it is also one of the sea’s most feared predators. It can move its arms with such force that the water around it boils – if humans had the same power in our arms, we could throw a cricket ball into space.

In addition, Claws will invite visitors to enjoy a tidal tank showcasing the sea creatures often found around the UK’s shores, such as velvet crabs, starfish and green urchins.

As well as tropical cray fish and large land hermit crabs on display, there will be crabby craft sessions on offer.

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