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Festive treats for Edinburgh meerkats

Keepers at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo provided their Meerkat plaza residents with some giant Christmas themed enrichment as an extra festive treat this week.

The meerkats enjoyed crawling inside and popping their heads out of a Christmas cracker filled with food, along with lots of miniature crackers also stuffed full of their favourite treats. Edinburgh Zoo’s clan of meerkats receive regular enrichment which helps encourage their natural behaviours such as foraging for food.

Alison Maclean, Team Leader for Carnivores at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said:

“It’s always fun to usher in the holiday season by giving our animals some Christmas themed enrichment. Meerkats are very inquisitive so they really enjoy exploring all the different enrichment we place in their enclosure. The cracker was no exception! They seemed to really enjoy popping their head out of the cracker and getting at all their treats.”

Naturally curious and adventurous, meerkats are part of the mongoose family and live in large groups of between and three and thirty individuals, inhabiting dry, open areas with short grass in southern Africa.

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s dedicated enrichment team ensure that five different types of enrichment are intergrated into the animals’ lives, including environmental, habitat, sensory, food and social enrichment. Visitors can also donate special animal-friendly toys via Edinburgh Zoo’s Amazon wishlist

To view the meerkats enjoying  their festive enrichment click here – and for more information on visiting Edinburgh Zoo go to

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