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Loggerhead turtles join The Deep

The Deep in Hull has welcomed two loggerhead sea turtles following the closure of Aquatopia in Antwerp last month. The duo, named Sensa and Mabouche, will now make The Deep’s 2.4m litre Endless Ocean exhibit their new home.

The youngest of the metre long pair, Mabouche, is believed to be between 15 and 20 years old and weighs 40kg, while Sensa is slightly older at between 25 and 30 years and weighs around 100kg.

The loggerhead turtles were rescued from the wild after being caught on fisherman’s long lines in the Mediterranean, which damaged their lower jaws. After rehabilitation at a special centre in Italy, it was decided they wouldn’t go back into the wild as they were unable to catch their own food. Mabouche and Sensa had been looked after by Aquatopia for 5 years until their recent move to Hull.

The Deep’s Curator, Katy Duke says;
“They are both settling in really well and have fantastic personalities. Sensa has already made it known to our divers that she really likes to have her neck tickled.

“Mabouche has some healed damage to her carapace where she was hit by a boat propeller and as a result, she has some nerve damage and tends not to use her back flippers much. So to help her build up strength, we do some ‘sea turtle aerobics’ which consists of us offering up resistance so she has to push against us and use her flippers.

“They are very used to human interaction, meaning they are happy to be touched so we can clean their shells easily and give them health checks

After having completed four weeks in quarantine, both Mabouche and Sensa can now be seen enjoying their new Endless Ocean home from 10am to 6pm every day.
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