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Support Ventura Wildlife against threat of closure

Ventura Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire is one of the UK’s newest and most interactive small zoos – and they now need your help to stay open.

Home to over 45 different species of wild animals, including zebras, lemurs, red kangaroos, wallabies, emus and reindeer, Ventura also houses species not seen in any other UK zoo or wildlife park, including the Cuban Hutia and Red Rumped Agouti.

As part of the zoo’s interactive approach, visitors of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy a range of daily talks, animal feeds, behind the scenes tours and animal encounters. The zoo is part of the International Zoo Educators Association and participates in various conservation and educational programmes.

Ventura opened in July 2016 and sits on land which previously formed part of the Van Hage Garden Centre, which housed an existing zoo of large animals including llama, alpaca, reindeer, donkeys and rhea. The Van Hage zoo ran for over 30 years and was covered by a full zoo licence, issued by  East Herts Council.

The zoo licence was transferred over to Ventura Wildlife in June 2016 after inspection by East Herts Council and their independently appointed experts; the International Veterinary Group. However, the local council has now deemed the land to be green belt and that the zoo does not have planning permission, calling for Ventura to be closed.

As a result, a petition has been created to demonstrate the overwhelming support which exists for the park and its importance within the local community. Owner Ashley Palmier will present this petition to East Herts Council in an attempt to overturn their decision and allow Ventura to continue as a hub for wildlife conservation and education. To show your support, please sign the petition here  We will, of course, keep you updated on any further developments….

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