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Visit Edinburgh’s Wee Beasties on World Lizard Day

Monday 14th August is World Lizard Day so why not celebrate by visiting one of RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s smallest inhabitants today.

Part of the zoo’s Wee Beasties exhibit, the Natal dwarf chameleon is only 11 cm long when fully grown and is renowned for its camouflage abilities, being able to blend in with its surroundings. The chameleons can also move each eye independently, allowing them to look two directions at once and their sticky tongues can be twice as long as their bodies.

Wee Beasties is a brand new, interactive exhibit which gives visitors the chance to get closer than ever before to some of the zoo’s smallest residents, from reptiles to amphibians and insects to molluscs. Here you can also take part in live animal-handling demonstrations and listen to educational talks highlighting the important role even the smallest species play in our natural world.

Many of the species housed in the exhibit are threatened with extinction in various different parts of the world. The Natal dwarf chameleon, who is native to KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, is classified as near threatened as a species, with much of its natural habitat coming under pressure from high intensity farming and wood plantations.

For more information on visiting Wee Beasties at Edinburgh Zoo go to –

Also, until 31 August, adults can visit the zoo for child prices when accompanied by a full paying child. Just remember to say “big kids” at the admissions desk to gain entry!

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