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Discover something new this Insect Week

Insect Week – a national campaign set up by the Royal Entomological Society encourages people of all ages to learn more about the insects in their gardens, parks, and green spaces by celebrating the importance of these industrious creatures.

The annual event, which takes place from 21st to 27th June, invites all those taking part to become entomologists for the week (people who study insects) to discover something new about the little things that run the planet.

Andrew Murray, Gnat ogre robber fly (Specially Commended, Adult: Insect Photography Competition 2020)

Explore the fascinating world of insects by visiting the Insect Week website, where you’ll find plenty of ideas for things to do at home or outdoors, virtual events, safe insect meetups, videos, competitions, and more. You can even ask an expert to identify an insect you’ve seen!

There’s also a large database of Learning Resources suitable for all ages and experiences – from nursery age to adult – including fact sheets, education packs, lesson plans, activities, and guides.

Elizabeth Cooksey, Walking through time ( Highly Commended, Adult: Insect Photography Competition 2020)

Join in the fun by taking photos, creating art, identifying species, and discovering more about the insects all around us. You can share your finding on social media by following  Twitter @insectweek  and Facebook /insectweek using the hashtag #InsectWeek21.

If you have a keen eye for the camera, entries are now open for the Insect Photography Competition 2021. Open to amateur photographers of all ages – with adult and under 18 categories – the closing date is 31st October.  You can take a look at some stunning entries from last year’s competition and enter here:

Jamie Spensley, Hoverfly on a pink flower (Winner, Under 18: Insect Photography Competition 2020)

Find out more about Insect Week 2021 by visiting

Main image: Alan Clark, German wasps drinking (First place, Adult: Insect Photography Competition 2020)

All images © Royal Entomological Society | (

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