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Essential guides for your perfect pets + 30% off!

With over 12 million of us owning a dog, a cat, or both in Britain, we are a nation devoted to sharing our lives with pets.  A rewarding experience, keeping a pet can boost our emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as provide loving companionship. It’s no wonder we want to offer the best possible care in return!

Perfect-Pets offer a wide range of books specially written to help you look after your beloved pet, with a series of must-have guides covering a variety of ‘essential things to know’ including first aid basics, microchips, vaccinations, appropriate breed care, and training.

Alongside books including The Essential Guide to Dog Training, First Aid for Cats, and Dog-Friendly Cats & Cat-Friendly Dogs, you’ll also find guides to over 30 different dog breeds, including cockapoo, boxer, French bulldog, labradoodle, and pug, as well books dedicated to rescue dogs and cat care.

Visit the Perfect-Pets website where you’ll find 30% off books with code PET30 (valid until 3oth April 2021), and also a handy Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs – essential in the run-up to Easter!

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