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Little howler creates big noise at Paignton

Paignton Zoo in Devon welcomed the birth of a little howler monkey earlier this month. But although the youngster may look sweet, it will grow up to be one of the loudest animals in the world.

The howler monkey is so loud in fact, its call can be heard up to 3 kilometres away through forest and 5 kilometres over water. Although the adult howler can boast at being one of the loudest, the youngster will not fully develop its call until around 4 to 6 years old.

Native to the forests of South America, the howler monkey can commonly be heard calling at sunrise. The call, which is more of a roar or bark than a howl, is used to announce a troops’ position to help avoid conflict with other groups.

The new arrival will join Paignton Zoo’s current black howler monkey troop, consisting of parents Bonita, who is nearly 11, and Archie, who’s 7, as well as Millie, who is 20 years old. Black howlers are large New World monkeys found in parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Only the adult male is ever totally black, with adult females and juveniles of both genders varying from whitish to buff-yellow.

For more information on visiting Paignton Zoo go to or ring 01803 697500.

Howler monkey & baby photographed by Chris Rockey

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