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New baby giraffe arrives at Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo, Devon, welcomed the arrival of a new baby giraffe last week. Born on the morning of Wednesday 19th April to mother Sangha, the young female joins a herd of six other giraffes at Paignton.

The zoo’s giraffe house has been closed for the last few days, to allow mother and calf to bond. However, visitors should hopefully be able to see the calf, who stands at six feet tall, out and about with the rest of the herd this week.

The latest giraffe marks the tenth birth at Paignton Zoo and is a very welcome addition. Sadly, a fire in 2006 claimed the lives of some of their giraffes, but the zoo have worked patiently with animal experts over the last decade to grow the herd to the size it is today.

Rothschild’s or Baringo giraffes have recently been reclassified as Northern giraffes and are officially listed as endangered. Paignton Zoo is helping to protect this vulnerable animal by being part of the European Endangered species Programme.

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