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Protect Lions Week at West Midland Safari

West Midland Safari Park will be hosting a week of fundraising activities this month dedicated to the protection and conservation of lions.

Protect Lions Week runs from 17-25 June and aims to highlight the threat lions face in the wild and also bring attention to the important work the safari park does with its own resident lions. Funds raised during the week will go to the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) and will also help fund anti-poaching scouts in the Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe.

There will be a variety of fun activities on offer during Protect Lions Week as guests are invited to take part in a free quiz, enter competitions to win exclusive prizes and enjoy lion-related crafts and games.

Plus on the weekends, the park will also run some exclusive VIP lion events, including a tour of the lion house and the lion reserve where visitors will be able to watch as the lions eat breakfast or even get to feed them a chunk of meat. To book the VIP Lion Tour Experience, email details to Separate ticket charges apply, ages 6+.

Research and Conservation Officer, Katie McDonald, said, “Lions are such well known and popular animals it is hard to imagine a world without them. Many people would be surprised to find out that African lions are declining in the wild. It is estimated that the lion population has reduced by over 40% in just over 20 years. This is due to habitat loss, prey depletion and indiscriminate killing by humans. Because of this, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists them as ‘vulnerable’.”

She continued, “During Protect Lions Week we hope to make our guests aware of the threats to African lions and to celebrate this brilliant species. Lions hunt as a pride and our keepers are going to cycle as a team to raise as much sponsorship as possible. They will be clocking up 1,000km on a static bike beside our conservation tent over the nine day period. We hope our guests will enjoy learning more about lions and will help us raise vital funds for these majestic animals.”

Further information and tickets are available from the West Midland Safari Park website

Female lion at West Midland Safari Park

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