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Support National Wetnose Day 2016!

Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger set up Wetnose Animal Aid in the year 2000, a unique non-profit organisation raising funds for sick animals in care across the UK.

They realised that although today we have Children in Need, Sports Relief, Comic Relief, Cancer Relief, Text Santa and Red Nose Day – all worthwhile causes and making a huge difference – there is nothing specifically for pets, stray animals or wildlife, which is why Wetnose Day was set up in 2014 to help sick and abused animals in rescue centres across the UK. 

Funds raised from the day on 30th September will help rescue centres to do things such as pay off vets bill and buy animal feed supplies.

“The knowledge and skills the animal rescue teams have is phenomenal, which is why we need to encourage young people to learn more about animal welfare, vets, farriers, behaviourists, nutrition and so much more,” says Andrea.

“After running a rescue centre for 13 years, we know how hard and emotional it is looking after stray and sick animals, and being called out at a moment’s notice. The overall household pet population for the UK stands at 23.2 million (excluding fish); that’s a lot of animals. Many will have come from rescue centres, which is why we need to support and help more.”

The charity day has garnered high profile support from the likes of Paul O’Grady, Ricky Gervias, Ben Fogle and Amanda Holden.

“I think this Wetnose Day event is a terrific idea and long overdue; you know what I think of animals and this would go a long way to helping many smaller centres that need more support – yes count me in!” Paul O’Grady 

“Good luck for the third National Wetnose Day event for animals on Friday 30th September. Join in & buy your nose.” Ricky Gervais

“I love this idea, at last a real chance to give animals a voice, count me in as a supporter.” Ben Fogle

“I love the idea of a Wetnose Day for animals and do hope we can make it as big as Red Nose Day for humans. Many of the smaller animal sanctuaries are full to busting and need our help with the wonderful work they do against all the odds. Please join me and support those without a voice, join Wetnose and let’s all make a real difference.” Amanda Holden

Ways you can support National Wetnose Day 2016: 

  • Pose with a Nose! Buy a Wetnose and wear it with pride all day in September or a wristband. Black foam noses are available to buy from at £5 each.
  • Share your photos with Wetnose Animal Aid on Twitter @WetnoseAnimal #posewithanose and Facebook –Wetnose Animal Aid and Wetnose Day
  • Gather your doggie friends and head out for a sponsored dog walk in the park.
  • Host a doggy party with raffle prizes and doggie hampers.
  • Have a cake sale – bake some animal-inspired treats.
  • Donate unwanted items such as DVDs, clothing, books, toys and games to the Wetnose Animal Aid shop in Hungate, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9TB

Visit for more information.

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