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WIN! These brilliant books from Bloomsbury Wildlife



We’ve teamed up with Bloomsbury Wildlife to offer this fabulous book prize. For your chance to WIN one of FOUR copies of Much ado about Mothing by James Lowen or Tracking the Highland Tiger by Marianne Taylor simply enter your details below.

Much Ado About Mothing by James Lowen
Published by Bloomsbury – £18.99 (hardback)

Inspired by a revelatory encounter with a Poplar Hawk-moth James Lowen embarks on a year-long quest to celebrate the joy of Britain’s rarest and most remarkable moths.

After spending time observing a variety of moths in the garden with his daughter, James argues that no animals may be better placed to inspire the environmentalists of the future. After all, moths are everywhere and have much to tell us about the state of the nation’s wild and not-so-wild habitats.

Charming and thoroughly absorbing, Much Ado About Mothing is a fun and fascinating look at one of our most underrated insects.


Tracking the Highland Tiger: In Search of Scottish Wildcats by Marianne Taylor
Published by Bloomsbury – £9.99 (paperback)

Our last remaining wildcats live on the edge of extinction in the Scottish wilderness, where following centuries of persecution, this rare species now find its genes threatened by interbreeding from their domesticated cousins.

In a quest to track the Scottish wildcat – with its dense fur marked with bold tiger stripes, green eyes and banded tail – nature writer Marianne Taylor examines the history, evolution, folklore, conservation, and hopes for the future of this beautiful yet elusive feline.



For your chance to WIN one of FOUR copies of Much Ado About Mothing or Tracking the Highland Tiger,  please submit your details – along with your choice of book  – via the Competition Entry form below.

The winner will be selected at random and notified via email/social media.

Please see T&C’s below.

Closing date: Sunday 6th June 2021 *competition now closed*

Why not increase your chances of WINNING and enter via FacebookTwitter and Instagram, too!

Competition T&Cs – Participants must reside within the UK.  The winner/s of the competition will be picked at random and the winning participant/s will be contacted directly via email/social media. Please advise if you would prefer not to be announced as a winner on social media.

Much Ado About Mothing

Inspired by a revelatory encounter with a Poplar Hawk-moth – a huge, velvety-winged wonder wrapped in silver – James Lowen embarks on a year-long quest to celebrate the joy of Britain's rarest and most remarkable moths.


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Tracking the Highland Tiger

This book tells the story of how the wildcat of the wildwood became the endangered Scottish wildcat, of how it once lived and lives now, and of how we – its greatest enemy – are now striving to save it in its darkest hour.


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