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Giant Anteater

Giant anteaters are usually found in tropical and deciduous forests as well as the grasslands of Central and South America. They do not have any teeth but have a tongue which is more than 60cm in length and a tiny 1.25mm wide which they put to good use by eating over 30000 insects per day! […]

Annual audit for Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Persuading two black rhinos to stand still is the ultimate weigh-in challenge. But Hodari and Dayo, who tip the scales at 3,000lbs, were models of calm behaviour during the annual Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) animal audit. The playful pair, who arrived at the award-winning wildlife park this year, may weigh the same as a family estate […]

Naturetrek releases over 40 new wildlife tours

Wildlife specialist Naturetrek has released its 2017 brochure, packed with unique and innovative trips, treks and cruises expertly guided by leading naturalists. The 2017 programme includes over 40 new tours to the best wildlife locations around the globe.  There’s particular growth in tours closer to home in the UK and Europe, as well as in […]