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Naturetrek operate the largest selection of professionally organised, expert-led wildlife holidays and tours in the world, and they have been organising specialist wildlife tours for over 25 years.

Naturetrek offer a wide range of trips throughout Europe, some of the most popular holidays include: spring and autumn birding holidays to destinations such as Portugal, the Greek Islands and southern Spain; mammal-watching (with dedicated Wolf and Bear-watching trips) in Spain, Sweden, Poland and Finland; a programme of butterfly-watching tours (with 10% of the income donated to the UK-based charity Butterfly Conservation) to Italy, Croatia, France and more; wild flower holidays in the Swiss Alps and Italy.

If you are looking to visit this popular and diverse country, Naturetrek offer a range of tours and have particular expertise in the Indian subcontinent, including Nepal and Bhutan. In India their programme of tours includes dedicated Tiger-watching holidays (with a 100% record of success in seeing Tigers over 20 years!); tours which are specially designed for families, and others which cater for photographers; holidays which combine seeing culture and wildlife; opportunities to travel to several areas during the tour; also those which are based in just one or two locations throughout, which offer a more leisurely pace and more detailed exploration of a single area.

South America

Naturetrek offer a wide variety of tours to the South American continent including: a unique 2-week Galápagos Islands cruise; dedicated Jaguar safaris in the Pantanal; a tour that goes in search of Pumas in Chile; birdwatching holidays to Brazil and Ecuador; a unique Spectacled Bears and Condors tour to Peru; and the classic trek to Machu Picchu, birding along the route, among a myriad other tours!

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