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Animals sound book captures kids’ imagination

The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds by Andrea Pinnington and Caz Buckingham landed on our desks in the Discover Animals office recently and I took it home for my two children (5 and 1)  to review!

Through this fact-packed guide, readers can discover the unexpected call of the Plains Zebra, feel a chill when listening to the laugh of the Spotted Hyena and experience the guttural roar of the King of Beasts himself – the lion.

Perfect for sharing, The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds introduces readers to some of the most unusual animals that reside in the African bush, alongside some more familiar faces. Did you know that elephants can detect sound through their feet. Or that the Grey Go-Away Bird is better at running than flying. My five-year-old loved these snappy facts that feature alongside a more detailed explanation of the animals.

The animals are brought to life through the sound bar where you can hear their respective cries, calls, roars and croaks accompanied by photographic-style illustrations, making this a fantastic book to give readers a real sense of one of the most exciting, dangerous and desirable destinations on our planet. My one-year-old now sits with it in his cot every morning, trying out the different sounds!

The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds is available now in board book format. It is priced at £12.99 and published by Fine Feather Press.

To be in with a chance to win The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds  along with The Little Book of Ocean Sounds and The Little Book of the Dawn Chorus, simply sign up for our newsletter by the end of October.


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