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Become an underwater superhero in Brighton

SEA LIFE Brighton is inviting families to unveil their inner superhero in a brand-new interactive adventure this half-term – Underwater Superheroes.

As they navigate from tank to tank, guests will face challenges from SEA LIFE’s Super 5 subaquatic superheroes – starfish, shark, octopus, crab, and seahorse.

Will you be able to spot the invisible camouflaged octopus, match the power of a crab’s claw or speed of a shark?

Along the route, kids will also learn about the amazing physical powers of the Super 5 and can even mirror their favourite hero with dress-up facemasks.

That’s not all, trainee superheroes can add up their points from each Super 5 sea creature’s challenge to reveal their own hidden superpower. Once complete, heroes will even be awarded with a limited-edition Underwater Superheroes pop-badge to prove their powers.

So it appears that not all superheroes wear capes – some have fins or eight legs!

Underwater Superheroes runs from 16th February to 17th March. For more information and to book go to

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