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A book of rather strange animals

Our world is inhabited by some remarkable creatures. Millions of different species populate every corner of the Earth, each having cleverly adapted to their surroundings over millennia.

From the hugely popular Twitter account – @StrangeAnimals – author and bio-scientist Caleb Compton has celebrated these wonders of evolution and marvelled at their extraordinary diversity. Following on from his social media success, Caleb has now published  A Book of Rather Strange Animals – a collection of one hundred remarkable animal specimens from around the world.

From vampire squid to the flannel moth caterpillar, fascinating descriptions of nasty feeding habits, bizarre mating rituals and shocking defence mechanisms are shared in this thoroughly absorbing and detailed page-turner.

Meet the lizard that shoots blood from its eyes, the isopod that replaces the tongues of fish and the bug that stacks the corpses of ants on its back, among other amazing and peculiar creatures.

A Book of Rather Strange Animals also highlights the threat these different species face and the need for their conservation, with proceeds from this book being donated to the WWF.

A Book of Rather Strange Animals by Caleb Compton

Published by Austin Macauley – out now

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