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Books about nature’s cleverest creatures

Younger readers will love these new books from Quarto Kids as they celebrate some of our planet’s most industrious and inventive creatures!

The Secret Life of Bees
By Moira Butterfield and Vivian Mineker

Curious to find out everything there is to know about bees? If so, this charming picture book dedicated to our favourite pollinator is the perfect guide for budding young nature fans.

Gloriously illustrated and a hive of information, learn all about the different types of bees and what they look like, how bees build their nests, and where they live. Discover what it takes to make honey (and meet the honey thieves) –  and how bees talk to each other through dance!

Follow Buzzwing the honey bee on a journey to find out why bees are so important to us, hear fascinating bee stories from around the world – and learn what you can do to become a bee friend in this enchanting hardback book, suitable for ages 7+.

Published by Words & Pictures / Quarto, priced £12.99.

Invented by Animals
By Christiane Dorion and Gosia Herba

In this clever book about animal inventions, meet the superstar creatures who inspired our everyday technology – and find out how they helped humans to make some amazing things.

Discover how sharks’ skin assisted in the creation of high-tech swimsuits; bat and dolphin sonar helped us find ways to navigate in the dark, and how dragonfly wings inspired the invention of the drone, among other fascinating designs.

Learn all about biomimicry and what it means, as the fun and witty illustrations help easily explain the facts while bringing this brilliant book to life!

Published by Wide Eyed Editions / Quarto, priced £14.99.

The Secret Life of Bees

Follow Buzzwing the honeybee on a beautifully illustrated journey through the world of bees filled with amazing science and intriguing folklore.


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Invented by Animals

Humans think they invent everything, but the fact is, they have a thing or two to learn from animals!
In this book about biomimicry, meet the ANIMALS INVENTORS who have inspired humans to make amazing things.


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