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2020 Luminar Bug Photography Awards – winners announced

The winners of the Luminar Bug Photography Awards 2020, launched this year in association with invertebrate charity, Buglife, have been revealed.

Over 5,000 images were submitted from around the globe, competing for a total prize fund of £23,000, with a number of categories including Arachnids, Beetles, Butterflies & Moths, Flies, Bees  & Wasps, Aquatic Bugs and Slugs & Snails attracting both adult and junior entries.

Buglife President, Germaine Greer; TV presenter and naturalist Nick Baker; and ground-breaking invertebrates photographer Levon Biss were among the judges who selected Mofeed Abu Shalwa as grand prize winner, and ‘Luminar Bug Photographer of the Year 2020’.  Incredibly, the Saudi Arabian photographer only started photographing invertebrates as a way of overcoming his childhood phobia of insects!

Red palm weevil © Mofeed Abu Shalwa – Shortlisted in the ‘Extreme Close-Up’ category

Jamie Spensley, 17, from Solihull has been crowned ‘Luminar Young Bug Photographer of the Year 2020’ for his magnificent image of a carder bee.

Carder Bee © Jamie Spensley – Winner in the ‘Young Bug Photographer’ category

The annual awards were launched this year as a way of both celebrating invertebrates photography, and raising awareness of the plight of so many invertebrates species, which have seen large declines in their populations. The awards have also raised valuable funds for the conservation efforts of Buglife.

Swallowtail © Sara Jazbar – Winner in the ‘Butterflies and Moths’ category

Mike Betts, CEO of Photocrowd “These awards showcase the incredible variety and complexity of the world of invertebrates, and give those who photograph them an opportunity to have their talent recognised. We’re proud to be able to support Buglife’s crucial conservation efforts, and to use these awards as a means to carry their message about the plight of invertebrates.”

Potter Wasp © Riyad Hamzi – Winner in the ‘Extreme Close-Up’ category

Matt Shardlow, Buglife CEO “A huge congratulations to all the participants and winners. It is often said we only save the things we know and love. Sadly this seldom applies to the bugs without whom life as we know it would come to an end. These awards will hopefully bring people closer to the beauty and value of our multi-legged friends. A big thank you to Luminar and Photocrowd for making this happen.”

Three Mayfly on Crested Dogstail © Peter Orr – Winner in the ‘Flies, Bees, Wasps and Dragonflies’ category

Microspur 1 © Lung-Tsai Wang – Winner in the ‘Arachnids’ category

Diamond Squid © Galice Hoarau – Winner in the ‘Aquatic Bugs’ category

To see all the winning images, runners up and shortlisted images, visit the Luminar Bug Photography Awards website.

Main image: 3…2…1.. Take off! © Christian Brockes – Winner in the ‘Beetles’ category

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