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A celebration of sea stars in Brighton

Sea Life Brighton will unveil a dazzling new sea creature installation this February half term.

Featuring more than 170 sensational star fish from across the world, Sea Stars is the UK’s largest celebration of one of the ocean’s most visually captivating sea creatures.

Although the image of a traditional ‘star fish’ is often thought of as five-armed, sea stars can vary in shape, size and colour, with some having up to 200 arms!

The breath-taking Feather Star is one such species. With its brightly coloured appearance and its many feather-like arms, this creature is one of the must-see stars of the new installation.

It will be joined by eye-catching Mediterranean Red Sea Stars, most commonly spotted in shallow waters around Cyprus and Malta; the Sun Star, which encompasses the colours of a stunning sunset; and the exotic Blue Star, all the way from the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Visitors to Sea Stars can also learn about the vital role ‘star fish’ play in the ocean’s eco-systems and why they are often referred to as ‘keystone species’ in their habitats. Plus, eagle-eyed visitors will also find out why ‘star fish’ shouldn’t really be called ‘star fish’ at all!

Max Leviston, General Manager of Sea Life Brighton comments: “We are thrilled to be welcoming Sea Stars to Sea Life Brighton. ‘Star fish’, or echinoderms as they should technically be called, are simply stunning creatures. This installation is a chance to put their beauty front and centre – and to celebrate all of the wonderful eco-systems that Sea Stars make possible.

“I look forward to seeing our visitors entranced by the bright colours and unique quirks of the creatures in Sea Stars – I still find watching their movement fascinating!”

Sea Stars opens on 10th February and offers a range of interactive and sensory-led activities, plus fun and entertainment for visitors of all ages this half term and beyond.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit or call 01273 604234.

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