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Discover sounds of the sea with little readers

The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds is an ideal introduction to the world of marine life for younger readers eager to learn more about different sea creatures.

Did you know an Emperor penguin sounds like a Formula 1 racing car or that an Atlantic puffin makes a noise like a disgruntled chainsaw?

Fans of the recent BBC wildlife series, Blue Planet II, will love this interactive, solid board book featuring twelve ocean animals and birds. A double-page spread magically brings each marine creature to life with captivating sounds, enabling the reader to identify the call of the different species.

Designed to be held by even the smallest hands, together with a sound bar that can be pressed with the turn of each page, The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds features beautiful photography and fascinating facts, making this the perfect read for families with children age 3+.

Commenting on the book, Dr. Oliver Boisseau of Marine Conservation Research International said:

“The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds is a delightful introduction to the amazing diversity of marine life and the astonishing sounds produced by different sea creatures.  Hopefully it will inspire children to become future ambassadors for the oceans and protect our most threatened marine wildlife”.

The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds, by Andrea Pennington and Caz Buckingham is published by Fine Feather Press, priced £12.99.

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