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Discover pet friendly places with new global app

An inspired new app powered by a global community of pet owners has just been introduced by Petlas,

Available for both iOS and Android and free to download, the new app offers four-legged friends and their owners a new way to discover pet-friendly places and pet services around the world, making travelling together both easy and affordable.

Users can add pet-friendly locations to the map as they discover them on their own adventures too, whether that’s walking in the Peak District, camping in France or taking a  road trip in the USA.

Location types include vets, pet-friendly hotels and holiday cottages, campsites, restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars plus parks, beaches, doggy poop bins, pet services and pet boarding.

Petlas is the brainchild of Stephanie Thomas, co-founder of Petlas World and creator of the YouTube channel, Girl and the Travelling Dog, which charts Stephanie’s trips with her Australian Kelpie rescue, Harley. “We believe pets are family, and that they shouldn’t have to be left behind just because it seems more convenient to do so,” she says. “We created Petlas to help pet owners share and discover the pet-friendly world around them and, ultimately, spend more quality time with their pets.”

“As seasoned travellers, we know the real challenges as well as the misconceptions behind travelling with a dog. The challenges largely have to do with planning and finding the pet-friendly places you can go, including accommodation and restaurants, and where to go in an emergency,” adds Didier Smith, co-founder of Petlas and the app’s CTO. “Petlas addresses these directly, making it easy to see where you and your pets are welcome. There are more pet-friendly places than most people realise and by making them easy to find, we hope it encourages more owners to take their four-legged friends with them on their next adventure.”

Danger alerts are also given covering practical warnings that other dog owners should heed – such as dangerous plants in a park, broken glass or other canine hazards. Business owners can contribute to the app by listing their location as pet friendly through the app’s map and requesting a free ‘Proudly Pet Friendly’ sticker.

To find out more and download Petlas for iOS or Android, visit

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