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‘Extinct’ doves hatch at Birdworld

Great news to report from Birdworld in Surrey following the announcement that two chicks from an extinct in the wild bird species have hatched at the park.

Birdworld has been home to the Socorro dove for the past seven years and currently has two pairs as part of a European captive breeding programme. There are just 150 captive doves surviving in 15 countries around the world and once old enough, the chicks will be moved to another collection to hopefully increase numbers of this extremely rare bird.

The Socorro dove originates from the Revillagigedo Islands off the west coast of Mexico but completely vanished from the wild in 1972.  The birds were wiped out after being hunted by locals and from overgrazing by sheep of their natural habitat.

Socorro dove at Birdworld

One of the largest bird parks in the country, Birdworld is home to over 180 bird species from around the world, as well as an Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm.

An active member of BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums), Birdworld relies on visitors to generate income, but the current coronavirus lockdown has meant the park is now closed to the public.

However, the staff at Birdworld have been amazed at the generosity of supporters who are unable to visit during these times.

Birdworld Curator Duncan Bolton commented,” The spring is such an important period for us at Birdworld and the Easter holidays alone have lost us a huge amount of income towards the upkeep and feeding costs of the many animals here in the park. It is a relatively short period of the year in which we make our money, despite costs being year-round. To help counter this loss to some degree, we have set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page whereby businesses and individuals from the local area and further afield have been able to support us to meet some of these massive costs.”

If you would like to support Birdworld please visit their GoFundMe page here to donate.


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