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First peek for Edinburgh Zoo’s kangaroo joey

Visitors to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo can now catch a glimpse of Scotland’s only western grey kangaroo joey, the first ever to be born at the zoo. Arriving in early December, the joey has only just recently started to peek out of mum Mia’s pouch.

After a gestation period of 30 days, the single, tiny new-born would have climbed unaided through its mother’s fur and into her forward-facing pouch. As with other marsupials, this is where most of the joey’s development would have taken place.

It won’t be long before the joey fully emerges and starts bouncing around the enclosure, which is when keepers will find out if they have a little boy or girl and decide on a name.

The joey joins other important species from Australia at Edinburgh Zoo, including the  UK’s only koalas, a mob of wallabies and a pair of cassowaries.

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