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Let Nature Sing: Help get birdsong into the charts

The RSPB has released a track of pure birdsong to highlight the fact that there are 40 million fewer birds in the UK now than half a century ago.

This week, the charity is calling on the public to download and stream the single to ensure it enters the charts in time for International Dawn Chorus Day on the 5th of May.

The single is part of the RSPB’s ’ Let Nature Sing’ project which is an arrangement of some of the UK’s most loved and most threatened bird songs.

It has been created to raise awareness of what the UK might lose if nothing is done to stop the crisis facing nature, which is pushing many UK birds towards extinction. The message is simple: If we do not act now, and work together, the magical sound of bird song could be lost forever.

Martin Harper, the RSPB’s director of conservation said: “The signs are all around us that something is not right, that nature is falling silent and you only need to stop and listen to find the beautiful bird song that should be the background music to our life is absent. But no one is talking about the crisis facing wildlife and nature in the UK. We all need to start talking about this, and the Let Nature Sing track is a good starting point as it perfectly highlights the music we risk losing.

“Wildlife and our natural world can recover, it can be saved for future generations, but we need more people to talk about the issue and how much something as simple and wonderful as bird song means to each of us. Because if we do not start talking about the threats facing nature the inspiration behind so much of our music, poetry and literature may go silent.”

Don’t let nature’s music stop #LetNatureSing – download or stream the single by the 2nd of May.

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