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Longleat’s first ‘Sky Safari’ hot air balloon festival

Longleat’s first Sky Safari will take place from 16th – 18th September 2016, and will see two mass ascensions of fifty hot air balloons from Longleat House’s Lawn, each day. One will take place in the morning and another in the early evening. During the day many of the balloons will be beautifying the sky above Longleat’s 900 acres of parkland with individual tethered ascents.

Included in these fifty balloons, one for year the famous safari park has been open to the public, will be Longleat’s own bespoke-made lion, and both Puddles and Splash; two penguin balloons, to join in the celebration.

The highlight of this festival will be the spectacular night-glow show on the Saturday evening, where every balloon will illuminate the night’s sky with a synchronised lights show in time to dramatic music.

For more information please visit Longleat‘s website.

Be advised that certain elements of this festival will be weather dependent and are subject to chance at short notice due to weather conditions.

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