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Marwell to open spectacular Tropical House

Marwell Zoo in Hampshire will open the doors to its spectacular new state-of-the-art Tropical House in March 2018.

Costing £8m to build and constructed using the same technology as the Eden Project, the new exhibit is housed under a huge curved roof spanning two levels and offering fantastic vantage points across a lush canopy to the bustling forest below.

Visitors to the unique rainforest can expect an immersive experience and close encounters with a number of animals, including a two-toed sloth, crocodile monitor lizard, pygmy marmosets, free-flying birds and butterflies, snake-necked turtles and more than 1,000 fish in the aquarium.

The Tropical House will also showcase how it runs sustainably, from recycling animal waste (dung, soiled bedding and leftover hay) and converting it into energy to heat the site, to rainwater which it also harvests and recycles. These efforts will significantly reduce Marwell’s carbon footprint and take the zoo a step closer to becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

James Cretney, Marwell Zoo’s Chief Executive, said: “This phenomenal exhibit is our largest and most ambitious project to date.

“It is designed to be a key guest experience with clear and complementary education and sustainability. It represents a high quality, novel and immersive exhibit creating much needed indoor and weather-proof space, adding to the overall standard of the Marwell experience. It will deliver guaranteed, close proximity animal viewing while enhancing and setting new standards of husbandry for the species displayed – we really are very excited about this.”

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Crocodile monitor lizard

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