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New habitat for Paradise white lion pride

Paradise Wildlife Park and the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) have opened a stunning new habitat for its pride of four white lions as part of an ongoing project to enhance the Park.

‘Lion Pride Lands’  is now home to male lion Moto and female Kya, both 12 years old, 10-year-old Izulu and Zuri, 6, who moved from their previous enclosure to enjoy their new habitat which is three times the size.

Designed to immerse visitors in the lion’s world, guests can walk into the heart of the Pride Lands and stand inside a spreading baobab tree that separates the lion’s two substantial outside areas. In addition, a ranger outlook HQ allows visitors to view the lions up exceptionally close, with a breath-taking viewing gallery overlooking the main habitat.

Visitors can also get a taste of their own personal safari with a jeep feature that allows visitors and lions to sit face to face, while the stunning Pride Rock towering over the area is a photographer’s dream.

Paradise / ZSH Director, Lynn Whitnall, said;

“Pride Lands is just the latest development in Paradise’s ongoing commitment to vibrant conservation presented within fabulous, educational wildlife park. We hope this new area will help visitors to experience our lions in a way they never have before and leave them inspired and motivated to help protect, not just lions, from extinction but all of Africa’s incredible animals and habitats.”

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