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The perfect guide to understanding your dog

The Dog; A Natural History is a beautifully presented hardcover book designed to answer any questions you may have about your canine friend.

An engaging and informative read, this detailed study looks at the behaviour of dogs, especially their bond with humans, and explores how through the centuries we have cultivated a close relationship, both as companion and co-worker, with this much-loved species.

A comprehensive reference book, The Dog also looks at the biology, behaviour and diversity, and also includes an in-depth look at their evolution and the common characteristics they share with wolves.

The book also features a beautifully photographed directory offering essential information on 32 popular breeds and how to take care of them. Six chapters cover a number of subjects relating to  every aspect of the dog, including puppies and play, how dogs see, think and learn, and myths and misconceptions.

A must-have read for all dog lovers – and the perfect gift!

The Dog:A Natural History by Adam Miklosi
Published by Ivy Press /Quarto – 1st March 2018, price £20

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