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Pride for safari park with arrival of seven lion cubs

West Midland Safari Park has announced the exciting arrival of two litters of incredibly cute African lion cubs, born just weeks apart.

Scar’s cub Hernatty – West Midland Safari Park

The first three cubs arrived when ten-year-old Scar gave birth on 27 August 2019, followed three weeks later by seven-year-old Amber who had a litter of four on 17 September.  Dad to both sets of cubs is dominant male, five-year-old Tsavo, who arrived at the Park with his two brothers in 2016 – making the seven youngsters half-siblings.

Amber’s cub Hodge – West Midland Safari Park

At around four months old the new arrivals are almost ready to meet the public. Over the next few weeks, keepers will start to introduce the cubs to the rest of the pride, including dad, Tsavo and uncles Jilani and Jengo. Visitors will be able to get their first glimpses of the new lion cubs on the drive-through safari from February half term.

Scar with cub – West Midland Safari Park

As with all animals born at the Park in 2019, keepers have chosen names for the cubs beginning with the letter ‘H’. Scar’s cubs have been called Hunter, Hercules and Hernatty (two males and a female), whilst Amber’s are named Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira (three males and a female).

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