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Two new gentoos for The Deep in Hull

It’s been a busy summer for The Deep in Hull as they welcomed not one, but two gentoo penguin chicks. The first arrived in June weighing 90 grams, and the second in July weighing 98 grams.

Both are doing well and gaining in independence but will stay close to their parents for the next few months until their soft downy feathers are moulted and waterproof feathers begin to appear. It is at this stage that keepers will be able to determine whether they have male or female penguins as DNA testing is required on those first feathers.

This is not the first time The Deep has welcomed new penguins – in June 2016 two new arrivals were named Attenborough and Lizzie after David Attenborough and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who both celebrated their 90th Birthdays that year.

Visit the new chicks and the rest of the Gentoo penguins in their specially designed Kingdom of Ice habitat. As well as penguins, The Deep is also home to over 5000 animals including sharks, Loggerhead turtles, green sawfish and a wealth of marine fish.

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