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Walking with alpacas

Geoff Moore visits Cary Alpacas in Yeovil for Discover Animals to find out how retired Navy wren and prison officer Kim Williams went about setting up her farm.

Realising the pleasure that visiting the alpacas gave to people, she decided to focus on offering two-hour experiences, including a chance to walk with them, to anyone who needed it.

She welcomed her first baby alpaca in 2014 and has now had 7 births altogether, with five more due in July.

She regularly hosts adults with learning difficulties along with a yearly visit from children suffering from radiation poisoning from the Chernobyl disaster who help out with the herd.

Find out more about how she fell in love with the alpacas in our film below:

For further information on how to book a visit, go to Cary Alpacas and for more of Geoff’s videos, head to The Travel Trunk.

The Little Book of Alpaca Philosophy

Wise, kind, observant and gentle, alpacas are the Dali Llamas of the animal kingdom. Their days consist of quiet contemplation, empathy and sweet-natured interactions with their herd – we have much to learn from them. So take a deep breath, still your mind and rise above the fray, to learn to live life the alpaca way.


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