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Wee Beasties invade Edinburgh Zoo

Wee Beasties are set to take over RZSS Edinburgh Zoo from this weekend as the wildlife attraction opens a big new exhibit for some of its smallest animals.

The zoo’s latest indoor attraction promises to take you on an adventure from the forests of East Africa to the islands of French Polynesia. Discover unusual species around every corner and get closer than ever before to some of the zoo’s reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Darren McGarry, Head of Living Collections at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, said:

“Wee Beasties is a fun and interactive exhibit that takes you on a conservation journey through the eyes of a keeper, educating visitors about the impact even the tiniest critters can have on their surrounding ecosystems and how important it is to conserve them.

“The exhibit houses 11 species, many of which are threatened with extinction in different parts of the world, including the critically endangered Axolotl which has the ability to regrow whole limbs if necessary”

“Wee Beasties is an exciting new addition to the zoo which will allow visitors to learn about these smaller species and teach them about what they can do to support them. With educational sessions available, the new exhibit will help to bring the Wee Beasties inhabitants stories to life.”

The latest attraction will also showcase some exciting new species not seen at the zoo before, including the Natal dwarf chameleon which has a tongue twice as long as its body. Visitors can expect to learn more about animals which have been part of the collection for a while but not on show too, such as the Partula snail, which RZSS has brought back from the brink of extinction.

To find out more about visiting RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and the Wee Beasties attraction go to

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