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What do animals do all day?

What Do Animals Do All Day? is a bright, colourful hardback book skilfully designed to teach young children all about animals in the wild in a fun and informative way.

A number of varied habitats are explored across large, bold double pages, including jungle, coral reef and savannah, with an introduction to the animals that live there and what they do on the pages that follow.

Each animals’ role in the wild is cleverly connected to a job or career that a child can identify with at home. For example, the long–eared horseshoe bat of the rainforest is a sound engineer, using sound waves and echoes to find moths in the dark, while the elephants of the savannah are landscapers, changing the landscape by uprooting trees and creating waterholes and wallows.

With 14 diverse habitats to explore and over one hundred animals to meet, this fun, fact-filled book offers the perfect introduction to wildlife for little ones and provides a thoroughly engaging read for all the family to enjoy.

What Do Animals Do All Day? by Wendy Hunt / Illustrated by Muti

Published by Wide Eyed /Quarto Knows, £14.99 – suitable for ages 3+

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