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Breeding success for Edinburgh Zoo rockhopper penguins

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo recently welcomed three northern rockhopper penguin chicks, making this the most successful breeding season for the zoo in 27 years.

Last year just one chick hatched, after an eight year wait, so the arrival of three this year is great news for the breeding of this endangered penguin species.

The three chicks, only days old at the moment, will remain with their parents on nests until they reach around 3 months.

Dawn Nicoll, senior penguin keeper, said, “We are very excited to welcome three new chicks to our rockhopper colony. It has been amazing to watch the new parents caring for their young and being very attentive, though we aren’t out of the woods yet as the first 30 days are crucial for a newborn chick’s development.

“Last year we welcomed Maui, the first northern rockhopper to hatch at the zoo in eight years, so to follow that success with three chicks is amazing. We are very proud that this has been the best rockhopper breeding season at the zoo in more than a quarter of a century. The northern rockhopper is an endangered species so we hope that our newest arrivals will go on to play their role in helping to safeguard the future of their species.”

The new chicks join the zoo’s colony at Penguins Rock, which is also home to gentoo, northern rockhopper and king penguins.

Viewers can also keep an eye on progress at the penguin nest site via the zoo’s live webcam

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Photo: Sian Addison /RZSS

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