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Celebrate World Lizard Day at world’s oldest reptile house

Today 14 August is World Lizard Day and ZSL London Zoo’s resident lizards marked the occasion by enjoying plenty of treats in the reptile house this morning.

With lizards from around the world, keepers celebrated by making a new puzzle box for the zoo’s blue monitor lizards, known for their amazing problem solving skills, along with a salad bar for its group of Gidgee skinks.

ZSL Keeper Joe Capon said: “A group of lizards may be called a ‘lounge’, but the lizards at the Reptile House had a very active start this morning: our monitor lizard Batanta loved using his cognitive skills to work out how to get at the grubs hidden inside his puzzle box, while our family of skinks got together for a family feast to start off the special day.

Unlike most other reptile species, which prefer a more solitary existence, Australian Gidgee skinks prefer to live in large family groups and have even been known to recognise their own kin.

Blue monitor lizards, which hail from Papua (Indonesia), are assessed as Endangered by the IUCN, after their popularity as pets has seen them become a victim of the illegal wildlife trade.

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