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Go Barefoot

Go Barefoot, an award winning travel operator, design innovative tailor-made ecotourism adventures & immersive cultural discoveries. They design experiences based on your budget and interests ranging from off the beaten track adventures, romantic and relaxation escapes, to family breaks.

Go Barefoot is driven by a social and environmental ethos working in partnership with NGOs, co-operatives and social enterprises to provide more immersive cultural discoveries and enriching ecotourism adventures, away from the conventional and commercial tourist circuits.

Explore the Great Bear Rainforest and the realm of the legendary Spirit Bear, Grizzly Bear and Black Bear. Did we mention the Whales, Wolves and Seals too?! The Great Bear Rainforest, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, offers towering mountains and richly bio-diverse river valley bottoms that teem with wild salmon. The Pacific Ocean, which laps the forest’s shores, is home to pods of Orca and Humpback Whales that swim and hunt in the labyrinth of of fiords and channels.

To visit Guatemala, Go Barefoot is doing a Mayan Lake trek adventure. Mayan Lake provides a great overview of the must-see archaeological sites in Guatemala, plus, the markets and community villages that are less tourist-trodden. You will enjoy kayaking and hiking on Lake Atitlan’s waters and shores, plus, explore deep-forested canyons.

Go Barefoot offer a trip for all the family, India: Jungle Book is an active family orientated experience, for parents and their cubs, to enjoy the habitat and mysteries of the tiger in the beautiful Kanha National Park. Your family will be able to invite local village children into the National Park, giving them the opportunity to see their national icon, the tiger.

Go Barefoot also offer a wildlife holiday, Mexico: Sea of Giants, where you get to explore peninsula’s wild coastline and deserts, the unique behaviour of its marine wildlife, national parks, and its historical foundations of the Jesuits. We explore the wild peninsula’s desert landscapes and unspoilt beaches that are decorated with the sights of breaching whales.

Go Barefoot offer many wildlife adventure holidays throughout America, one being the Ausagante Trek in Peru. This is a memorable and challenging opportunity to experience the Andes, from one of its richest regions in beautiful and amazing landscapes, at an average altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level, with incredible landscapes and unique expressions of the ancient cultures that turn this trip into a transforming and memorable experience, on a lodge to lodge hike.

A wildlife adventure, crossing the Iberia’s diverse peninsula. Visit several national parks to view some of Europe’s most amazing biodiversity and endangered species. From the Cantabrian Mountains to the wild marshes on the boundaries of Europe, crossing the ancient lands of the Mediterranean. Following tracks of the thousand-year-old cattle ways that join the Iberian ecosystems, we for search bears in the Palentina Mountain, wolves in Palencia, the black vulture and the imperial eagle in Monfragüe, lynx in Doñana, plus, hundreds of other valued species.  Enjoy the rich Spanish gastronomy in some beautiful rural houses with exclusive access to restricted areas in national parks and private reserves.

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