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Baby bongo born at Belfast Zoo

Keepers at Belfast Zoo are celebrating the birth of a critically endangered eastern bongo calf.

With less than 80 eastern bongos left in the wild, successful breeding is crucial to the survival of this species of African antelope, so the latest arrival has been greeted with much excitement.

The baby bongo – a girl named  Jumapili which means ‘Sunday’ in Swahili – is the first birth for new couple Tombo and Surali, who arrived at Belfast Zoo last year.

Eastern bongos are found in the mountain forests of central Kenya. Their red, stripy coats act as excellent camouflage from predators when hiding among the forest trees. Unlike most antelopes, both male and female bongos have long spiralling horns which can tilt back to allow them to run through dense forest with no obstructions.

Mother and calf can now be seen in their enclosure at Belfast Zoo. For more information on visiting go to

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