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Beautiful books for bird lovers

Birds in the Ancient World by Jeremy Mynott
Published by Oxford University Press – £16.99 (new to paperback)

Jeremy Mynott’s fascinating book explores the many different roles birds played in ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and how they impressed upon the imagination to influence the literature and art of the time.

Using quotations from the classical world, alongside nearly one hundred illustrations from ancient wall-paintings, pottery, and mosaics, Birds in the Ancient World also examines early scientific findings, as well as descriptions from works of history, geography, and travel.

Informative and expertly narrated, Birds in the Ancient World is an enthralling look at the cultural history of birds and the huge influence they had on a bygone age.

Bird Love: The Family Life of Birds by Wenfei Tong / Foreword by Dr Mike Webster
Published by Ivy Press – £25 (hardback)

Discover the amazing array of courtship techniques used by birds around the world in this beautiful hardback book featuring stunning colour photographs throughout. From gifts of food to aerial acrobatics and spectacular feather displays, Bird Love offers an essential insight into bird family life and is a fantastic guide to the habits of birds worldwide.

“Across the 10,000-plus species of bird that live on this planet, there is an amazing diversity of behaviours aimed at one simple goal: reproduction. This book is a collection of some amazing examples of these, from elaborate courtship displays that give potential mates information about genetic quality, to intricate nests designed to protect the young from predators and parasites.” Dr Mike Webster. 


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