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Beavers given legal protection in Scotland

This week the Scottish Government made the landmark decision to introduce legal protection for beavers in Scotland from May 1st.

The beaver will now join species such as otters, bats and bottlenose dolphins as a European Protected Species in Scotland.

The announcement has been welcomed by the two lead partners in the Scottish Beaver Trial – RZSS and the Scottish Wildlife Trust – who worked together to reintroduce the formerly extinct mammal back to Scotland.

Jonny Hughes, Chief Executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust said: “The return of beavers to Scotland’s lochs and rivers offers widespread ecological benefits. Beavers are well-known for their engineering prowess, creating wetland havens that provide homes for many other species including fish, insects and waterbirds, while also helping humans by reducing the risk of floods down river. They are also providing a boost to Scotland’s rural economy by increasing wildlife tourism.”

Photo by Steve Gardner

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