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Books about wildlife to inspire young minds

Braveling Saves a Snow Leopard
By Mabel Hewitt & Matt Henderdson. Illustrated by Jenny Wren

The Tingalings are five loveable characters from Jupiter – Braveling, Sparkling, Darling, Smartling and Bumbling – who promote kindness and climate change awareness through a series of stories written especially for younger readers.

Following on from the first book, Darling Saves a Koala Bear, which tackles the subject of forest fires, The Tingalings find themselves on a mountain adventure for the second book, Braveling Saves a Snow Leopard, as they take on another climate challenge.

The snow on the mountain is melting, which is not good news for the endangered snow leopards who live there. The Tingalings must find a way to stop the mountain from heating – and the snow leopards from losing their home – and Braveling has an idea!

This gentle tale about how making a few simple changes can make a huge difference to our environment is a brilliant way to engage little ones with climate issues – and the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of The Tingalings!

Printed on recycled paper, a donation from the sale of each book goes towards Mabel’s Fund which helps provide extra-curricular activities and fun outings for vulnerable children in the UK.

Further information on the book series can be found at

If I Had an Octopus
By Gabby Dawny & Alex Barrow. Published by Thames & Hudson

‘I really want a clever pet, a pet with many charms. The sort of pet with talents and a large amount of arms!’.

If I had an Octopus is an enchanting new story for children age 3+ from the creators of CBeebies Bedtime Stories, If I Had a Dinosaur and If I Had a Sleepy Sloth.

In this latest book from the best-selling series, a little girl finds out what it would be like to keep an octopus as a pet in a playful adventure story guaranteed to delight little ones.

An octopus would be great at lots of things, she finds, and could easily multi-task – which is not so difficult when you live under the sea and have eight long arms!

In this charming book, little readers can find out exactly how useful an octopus can be as a pet, in a book that could easily become a bedtime favourite.

Braveling Saves A Snow Leopard

In BRAVELING SAVES A SNOW LEOPARD, ‘bold, fearless, caring’ Braveling’s mountain adventure exposes the impact of melting snow on the snow leopard’s habitat. The weighty reality of disappearing landscapes is toned down for young minds by each story’s happy outcome, delightful illustrations, sing-song text and ideas for simple climate solutions that the whole family can adopt.


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If I had an Octopus

Have you ever thought about what the best aquatic pet would be? It's an octopus, of course! Playing different ball games simultaneously and staying camouflaged when it’s bedtime is eight times the fun – just watch out for the ink… With vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes, If I Had an Octopus is a charming and imaginative tale about bedtime story that follows a little girl's flight of fancy as she imagines the advantages and disadvantages of having an octopus for a pet.


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Darling Saves a Kola Bear

"Darling Saves A Koala Bear" is the first of five books in The Tingalings series. It is an inspiring picture book and rhyming story including beautiful illustrations. Vibrant colours printed on coated recycled paper. Five loveable creatures from Jupiter, an exciting climate adventure, a daring animal rescue, fun facts and simple climate solutions for little ones. The perfect way for parents to raise climate awareness in a fun and non-threatening way.


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If I Had a Sleepy Sloth

In this charming trip of the imagination, a little girl delights in experiencing life at a slower pace as she shares her day with a sleepy sloth who moves so slowly, moss grows in his fur!
A laugh-out-loud follow-up to the bestselling If I had a dinosaur that imagines living life at a much slower pace…


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