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Buzz Lightyear’s companion cat Sox launched into space to highlight new film

Buzz Lightyear's companion cat Sox, who features in the new film Lightyear is launched into space

Buzz Lightyear’s robot companion cat Sox, set to be an audience favourite, has been sent beyond the Earth’s atmosphere into space.

The space mission was carried out by Showcase Cinemas to celebrate last week’s release of the new Disney and Pixar film Lightyear, the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero that inspired the toy and who became a firm favourite in the much-loved Toy Story franchise. In the film, Sox acts as Buzz’s dutiful robot companion, easing the Space Ranger’s emotional transition after his time away on space missions.

See Sox’s amazing journey below:

In Sox’s latest assignment, the talking-toy version of the robot-cat was launched from Sheffield’s Peak District, travelling at speeds of around 250mph and ascending beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and into outer space, giving Buzz’s iconic phrase ‘to infinity and beyond!’ an all-new meaning.

The toy version of Buzz Lightyear's cat companion Sox at the launch base

Awe-inspiring images show the new talking soft toy floating around 130,000 feet above the Earth in stunning 4k definition. Following the flight, Sox parachuted back down to Earth smoothly and landed in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Preparing the balloon that will take the toy version of Lightyear's companion cat Sox into space

Lightyear, which is on screen at Showcase Cinemas now, follows Buzz Lightyear’s origin story, after the legendary Space Ranger is marooned on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth. As Buzz, accompanied by loyal robot companion Sox, attempts to find a way back home, matters are complicated with the arrival of Buzz’s nemesis Zurg.

The toy version of Lightyear's companion cat Sox as it makes it way up above the Earth

For more information and to purchase your Lightyear tickets, please visit the Showcase Cinemas website here:

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