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The national animal of Guernsey: the donkey

Rodney Dyke's herd of donkeys explore their surroundings

In his second report from the Channel Island of Guernsey, Discover Animals’ Geoff Moore meets Guernseyman Rodney Dyke and his donkeys to find out more about how he came to own the herd, whose characters include Cracker and Maybelle.

Guernsey people are traditionally known as ‘donkeys’, said to be down to their stubborn nature, and the island became associated with the animals due to their dominance in the capital St Peter Port, the streets of which were too steep for other forms of transportation.

Rodney explains the process the donkeys go through when shedding their winter coats and treats us to some Guernésiais, the Norman language of the island, currently only spoken fluently by a small percentage of the population.

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