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Celebrating World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day is celebrated every year on 25th April and was created to promote the health and conservation of these amazing flightless birds. To celebrate we have created a round up of our favourite penguin species and where you can see them.

Rockhopper penguins are one of the smallest penguins standing at just 20 inches fully grown and are distinctive because of their red eyes, orange beak and yellow and black spiky feathers on their heads. Due to the harsh rocky environment they inhabit, Rockhoppers  cannot slide on their bellies like most penguins, so hop to get around.

To see Rockhopper penguins try visiting Drusillas in Sussex or ZSL London Zoo.

Rockhopper penguin

Gentoo are tall penguins with a white triangular patch above the eye and  breed on subantarctic islands. They are the fastest underwater swimming penguins and live mainly on crustaceans. Gentoo penguins can be found at Living Coasts in Torquay or The Deep in Hull.

Gentoo penguin

The king penguin is one of the most recognisable and the second largest species of penguin standing up to 100cm tall and 16kg in weight. It is able to dive to over 100 metres, and breeds on the subantarctic islands at the north reaches of Antarctica. King penguins can be seen at Cotswold’s Birdland Park & Gardens.

King penguin

For fans hoping to see penguins live now, why not visit the penguin cam at Edinburgh Zoo and watch nesting pairs at Penguin Rock;






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