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Cockatoo conservation at Birdworld

BirdworldSurrey is home to over 1000 birds and 180 species from around the world. The 26-acre park in Farnham has recently completed the initial instalment of several new homes for citron and yellow-crested cockatoos.

The new aviaries and their continuing development aim to educate and raise awareness for the critically endangered yellow-crested cockatoo, whose numbers are rapidly declining in the wild. The park will also continue to increase awareness among visitors and raise funds for this species through the Birdworld Conservation Fund.

Duncan Bolton, Birdworld Curator, commented: “We’re delighted that the first stage of our newest aviaries for citron and yellow-crested cockatoos is now complete. The conservation of this amazing species is of great importance for the biodiversity of many Indonesian islands and with these new aviaries we hope to continue to inform our visitors of their plight and support conservation actions across the region.”

“Alongside educating our visitors this year, we also hope that our extensive genetic and biometric analysis of the cockatoos at Birdworld will assist worldwide conservation efforts. The team will collect important data which will help in the establishment of viable captive populations of each of the subspecies, and the eventual survival of each in the wild.”

Birdworld is open from 10am until 4.30pm daily. For more information go to / 01420 22140

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