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One of the Clouded Leopards welcomed by Marwell Zoo in June 2022

Marwell Zoo welcomes sibling pair of Clouded Leopards

Marwell Zoo in Hampshire has announced the arrival of a sibling pair of vulnerable Clouded Leopards, Taevey and Kanya (both females). The duo have taken up their new home after moving from Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates there are only 3,700 to 5,580 Clouded Leopards […]

Animesh and her new snow leopard cubs at Highland Wildlife Park

Highland Wildlife Park’s snow leopard gives birth

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s (RZSS) Highland Wildlife Park, near Aviemore, has welcomed the arrival of at least two snow leopard cubs. Staff at the wildlife conservation charity confirmed the birth on Saturday 28th May 2022 when high-pitched sounds were heard in the cubbing den and two tiny cub were spotted by keepers. Although […]

Wildcat kittens born in Scotland to help save species

Wildcat kittens, which will likely be among the first of their species to be released into the wild in Britain, have been born in the Saving Wildcats conservation breeding for release centre at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park. After 16 wildcats were paired up earlier this year, the European partnership project […]

Postcards from Fregate: restoring coral reefs

In another of our fantastic films from Fregate in the Seychelles, Geoff Moore meets Julie Pezin of to find out how conservationists and researchers on the island are growing coral to study its physiology and to replace lost reefs. In a one-year study, electricity has been harnessed on the ocean floor to create an […]

30 Days Wild is back for a record 2022

The UK’s biggest nature challenge, 30 Days Wild, – which lasts for the whole of June – is on course for a record-breaking year following an unprecedented number of people signing up to take part so far. Last year, more than 760,000 took part in the challenge, which encourages people to do something wild every day […]

New sustainable travel company Slow Adventure launched

A new sustainable adventure travel company – Slow Adventure – has recently launched, offering adventures that give power back to local communities. The company supports fair and transparent conservation funding, reinforces the importance of nature so that it is valued and helps adventurers choose how to give back. Slow adventures are immersive and mindful journeys that maximise time […]

Exclusive: Rosemary Low on Female Heroes of Bird Conservation

In an exclusive feature for Discover Animals, author and avian expert Rosemary Low shares the inspiration behind her new book, Female Heroes of Bird Conservation. This latest book brings together the stories and achievements of over 30 women – past and present – who have dedicated their lives to increasing our knowledge and awareness of birds, saving lives and species from extinction.