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Commemorative coins celebrate dinosaur discoveries

The Natural History Museum has teamed up with The Royal Mint to launch a new collection of coins featuring a series of dinosaurs.

Celebrating Britain’s contribution to the discovery of the prehistoric creatures, the commemorative 50 pence pieces feature Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus.

This is the first time dinosaurs have featured on an official UK coin, with each a scientifically accurate representation of the dinosaur and the environment it lived in.

Renowned anatomist – and founder of the Natural History Museum – Sir Richard Owen coined the term ‘dinosaur’ in 1842 after discovering that the remains of the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus all shared common characteristics. This groundbreaking finding ignited huge public interest in these creatures and a fascination which continues to the present day.

The limited edition ‘Dinosaurai Collection’ is available in brilliant uncirculated, silver proof and gold proof versions with prices starting at £10. The series is launched this month with Megalosaurus, available online at

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